I Make Taxes Less Taxing

Stuart Tash, CPA

Prevent Tax Problems From the Start

I work with individual and business clients right from the start to prevent tax problems from happening.

  • Do you have questions about your individual or business tax situation going forward?
  • Are there prior year tax returns you have not filed? Do you expect to receive a tax refund or owe additional tax for these back years?

Resolve Your Existing Tax Problems

I’ll resolve your existing tax problems and advise you how to make sure they never happen again.

  • Do you owe back taxes? Are you receiving dunning letters requesting payment and threatening enforcement action?
  • Are you receiving letters from the IRS or NYS Tax Department asking you about filing those previous year returns?

Are You Ready To Take Positive Action?

If you have to take positive action to resolve tax issues, I can help.

  • Have you received correspondence from the IRS or another taxing agency notifying you that your individual or business tax return is being audited?

If you’re ready to take positive action to resolve tax issues, I can help. Learn More